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Green Day Will Rock You to Your Core


These veterans of Punk rock don’t need introduction. As soon as you hear their name the first thing that comes to mind is electrifying guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Green Day Tickets sell out rapidly on TicketVistas so that fans can catch a glimpse of their favorite musicians in action. Green Day have stood out in the music industry since their inception in 1987 for their innovative approach to punk rock and thought provoking lyrics which talk about a variety of issues from heartbreak and romance to social sensitive issues like racism. The band has gone from performing small gigs in East Bay, California to playing live in front of thousands of fans all across the country. Thanks to their brand new sound, Green Day quickly became fan favorites and their singles started appearing on playlists on radio and television. The band has cited legendary punk rock bands like The Ramones and Sex Pistols as their musical influence. The current lineup consists of Lead Vocalist and Guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong, Bassist Mike Dirnt and Drummer Tre Cool.

And the Day was Green Again


With great success came great fame and several awards. Not only is Green Day’s music massively popular among fans of punk rock, but Jury of various award shows have acknowledged their limitless talents on numerous occasions as well. Over the course of their 2 decade history the band has released 8 studio albums which have received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. Green day have sold millions of records worldwide and their albums have been certified multi-platinum and gold in several countries. The band has been nominated for a whopping 179 awards winning 89 of them. They have to their credit 5 Grammy’s which they won in the category of Album of the Year and Record of the year among several others. The band has also won 3 American Music Awards, 6 Billboard Music Awards and 2 BRIT Awards. Smash hit single “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” became the most downloaded song of 2005 and won Rock Song of the Year in various award shows.


Success and controversies go hand in hand; such is the business of show business. Phenomenal punk rock band Green Day has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons on more than one occasion. Just recently frontman Billy Joe Armstrong entered rehab for undisclosed reasons. Even though the details of his admission into rehab were strictly kept under wraps; band members did say that “he’s in the middle of some really bad things” and “his life is in danger”.

If gossip websites are to be believed, “Billy Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse which almost claimed his life”.

I certainly hope the band gets back to touring and performing soon. I’m sure Armstrong will find a way to transform his experiences with substance abuse and his stint at a rehab facility into smash hit singles.


One comment on “Green Day Will Rock You to Your Core

  1. cindy
    March 20, 2013

    Billie Joe is the great singer in green day music band.I hear all his songs. his voice is awesome.

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