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Georgia Aquarium Has To Be Seen To Be Believed


Why do fans rush to popular website TicketVistas every time it starts offering Georgia Aquarium Tickets for a bargain? Well the answer is long but I’d love to give it to you.

Ever since it’s opening in the last quarter of 2005, the world’s largest … yeah you heard it right … the world’s largest aquarium has drawn in massive crowds and has proved to be an injection of adrenalin for the already vibrant city of Atlanta. The giant aquarium seems something out a fairy tale and houses a whopping 8 million gallons of fresh marine water and is home to more than 100,000 animals from 500 species of the animal kingdom. But the people who brought this wonderful idea to life didn’t stop there. The aquarium acquired a 9 foot manta ray named Nandi weighing in at approximately 460lbs in 2008, and more recently opened a US$ 110 million dolphin exhibit complete with 1.3 million gallons of fresh water, dolphin encounters, viewing windows and of course dolphin shows.

Permanent Exhibits

Georgia Aquarium contains five mesmerizing exhibits containing inhabitants of those particular environments. These are Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest, Georgia Explorer and River Scout.

The Cold Water Quest enchants the visitors with their ghostly beluga whales, Pacific octopuses, Australian weedy sea dragons and Japanese spider crabs.

Georgia Explorer consists of an interactive gallery with shrimp, horseshow crabs, stingrays, sea stars and crabs. The exhibit is home to several marine creatures that live just off the Georgia coast.

The Ocean Voyager Exhibit

The Ocean Voyager Exhibit

The Ocean Voyager exhibit makes one feel like a scuba diver surrounded by a sea full of fish as one walks through an acrylic tunnel. This tunnel is home to heavy weights like colossal whale sharks that swim right over ones head. Ocean Voyager also allows you to swim or go scuba-diving with whale sharks along with several other types of fish in the ocean in an adventure titled Journey with Gentle Giants.

The River Scout exhibit is home to a large variety of marine life that can be found in rivers between Georgia and Asia. Especially worth mentioning here is a large collection of Amazonian fish. One gets to see deadly creatures like the electric fish and piranha up close and personal. Kids are particularly interested in mischievous Asian otters that spend most of their time eating and playing.

Tropical coral reefs surround the Tropical Diver exhibit where people try to find a fish made famous by Disney called Nemo among thousands of sea animals that play hide and seek among the reef. Tropical Diver also contains three jellyfish exhibits that perform an enchanting dance which resembles a watery ballet.


Georgia Aquarium provides an otherworldly experience in a metropolitan setting. People who have visited the famous aquarium have given it rave reviews and come back for a revisit with their families and friends every chance they get. It is highly recommended that you take your children to this heavenly aquarium; I guarantee you’ll make a memory for them they’ll never forget.


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