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Houston Texans Are Lethal

Enough has been written about this relatively new powerhouse NFL team which has rattled veteran formidable opponents with their hard-hitting “never surrender” attitude. The Houston Texans need no formal introduction. Established a little over a decade ago in 2001, the team was inducted in the NFL as part of their expansion plan, and currently plays its home games at the multipurpose Reliant Stadium located in Houston, Texas. With billionaire businessman Bob McNair at its helm who also serves as President and CEO, the Texans are eyeing to win their first Super Bowl and from the looks of it they will win the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy soon enough. In a relatively short amount of time the Texans have signed sponsorship deals with some of the most prestigious brands making them one of the most valuable franchise team in the NFL with a net-worth of a whopping US$1.4 Billion according to Forbes.

Massive Fan Following


Thanks to consistent winning performances and their ability to win games under pressure the Texans have developed a huge fan-base that prefers to watch the team play live. These diehard fans go out of their way to take time out of their busy schedules so they can ensure a presence at the stadium during game day. The Reliant Stadium is packed to capacity during Football season and fans show support by wearing official team colors and singing the team song. Matches against rivals are of special interest to fans that go in frenzy every time popular website TicketVistas starts selling Houston Texans Season Tickets for a bargain.

Cheerleaders & Mascot


Beautiful Houston Texans cheerleaders along with official mascot Toro are always pumped up during games, cheering both fans and players during a heated encounter with a rival team. Making the official cheer-leading squad is no easy task. Trials are held for several weeks all over the state and only the best get to perform in front of thousands of people during game day. These cheerleaders know how to woo a crowd with their gorgeous dance moves and their performance shouldn’t be missed during half-time.

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots


The Houston Texans have made a fan out of me with their ever evolving playbook, vicious offensive tactics and a solid defense that takes nothing less than a missile to breakthrough. Despite the fact that the Texans are a young team which has a lot to learn, the current roster doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear and make tough opponents work their butts off to win against them. The away game played against the New England Patriots at the Gillette Stadium this past Monday was an evidence of the Texans athletic prowess and their determination to fight till the very last second. Even though the game resulted in a 42 – 14 loss at the hands of the Patriots, the Texans had their brilliant moments. The squad scored 2 superb touchdowns in the 3rd and 4th quarter. The first one was scored by Running Back Arian Foster and the second came from Star Quarter Back T.J Yates.

The next home game against powerhouse team Minnesota Vikings will surely prove to be a thrilling encounter. Here’s hoping Texans learned some valuable lessons from their previous game and win this one for the fans and give them something to cheer about.

So what do you know about them Texans? Well, they know how to play a brutal game of football and look cool while doing it.


One comment on “Houston Texans Are Lethal

  1. javeria
    March 20, 2013

    New England Patriots is good team but Houston Texans is much better then.

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