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The Killers Rock Vancouver, BC

The world of music is no stranger to Rock bands who make tracks that suck in an effort to make a quick buck. But every once in a while a Rock band comes along which reminds people what Rock n Roll is all about and ups the competition with their mesmerizing guitar riffs, intense lyrics and powerful vocals. The Killers is one such band. Thanks to their innovative approach to alternative rock and their effort to redefine the genre The Killers have developed a massive fan following that causes a hike in concert ticket sales on popular website TicketVistas every time they are touring. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and Dave Mathew’s Band are renowned alternative rock acts that have reinvented this particular genre and, owing to their success, it would be justified to rank The Killers among such legendary bands.

Phenomenal Success Story

The Killers came to national prominence after the release of their first studio album titled Hot Fuss which went onto win critical acclaim. Smash hit single “Mr. Brightside” held top positions on various music charts for several weeks and helped the band build up momentum.  The Killers initial success led to a loyal fan-following, and the popular Las-Vegas band went onto release another 3 studio albums which were certified gold and platinum by the RIAA. In a relatively short amount of time The Killers have released a total of 4 studio albums, sold a whopping 20 million records worldwide and have been nominated for a Grammy award 7 times.

The Killers – Battle Born Tour

The Killers Live at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Killers Live at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Killers are back after a short hiatus and they are back with a bang. With their latest tour titled “Battle Born Tour” the band has proven their staying power once more. The quartet’s thrilling performance this past Monday at the Pacific Coliseum located in Vancouver, British Columbia was an indication that the band has mastered the skill of the playing killer live sets and was ready to get back in the ring.

As soon as frontman Brandon Flowers appeared on stage he shouted “Helloooo Vancouver, it’s been a long time” and immediately launched into the band’s smash hit new single “A Matter of Time” and the audience were quick to react with loud cheers as though they had recognized their signature Bruce Springsteen meets pop music sound. Even though The Killer’s new singles were well received by the audience who grooved to each song, their hit singles from previous albums proved to be what fans wanted to hear the most and subsequently were the highlight of their performance. The energy during the concert hit an all time high when Lead Vocalist Flowers jumped behind a keyboard shaped like a lightning bolt and launched into “Smile like you mean it” which was quickly followed by rock dance-gem “Somebody told me”.

While performing the melodious love ballad “Heart of a Girl” Flowers stopped mid-way to ask a bewildered audience “exactly when to call a girl when she gives you her phone number.” He then remarked “I decided to call the girl that night; I ended up marrying her.” The adrenalin soaked number “Runaways” hit all the right notes but it was the popular single “Here With Me” that truly rocked the entire stadium. The band’s last single to end the concert was “Battle Born” which was sung by Flowers under a rain of pyrotechnics.

The Killers energy packed performance, combined with Brandon Flowers powerful vocals showed that, the band might’ve been away from the game for a while, but they were never out.


One comment on “The Killers Rock Vancouver, BC

  1. julian
    March 20, 2013

    I’m very impress after see the performance the killer band

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