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Controversial Katt Williams

Kat Williams

Kat Williams

Katt “King of Controversies” Williams

Black comedy specialist Katt Williams began his career for comedy club in 1999 and came to national prominence with appearances on BET network and 2006 HBO special “Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Part 1”. His observational and raunchy comedy style was often compared to the legend Richard Pryor, and led to him getting acting jobs in popular movies including Eddie Murphy’s Norbit. With success came several controversies with the recent one being a confrontation with a family at a sports bar in Seattle.  Just couple of months back he was escorted off stage by his personal security staff for getting into a verbal spat with a heckler during one of his shows and hurling profanities at him.

What Went Down

Williams, 42, was present in Seattle to perform in a gig over the weekend. According to Officer Michael Virgilio’s report, Williams had returned to World Sports Bar on Sunday afternoon after being involved in an argument with a customer the previous night. The bar manager called the cops when an argument began and quickly escalated.

Katt Williams was playing pool in the bar on Sunday when he got into an argument with a couple. When the manager tried to stop the confrontation Williams pointed the pool stick towards him narrowly missing his head and accused the manager of “protecting the customers from the famous guy.”

At some point during the confrontation Williams followed the family outside of the bar. He flicked a cigarette towards a woman while she was getting into the car narrowly missing her eye and threw a stone at the car’s window with an 8 year old girl sitting on the passenger side.

Officer Virgilio was first on the scene. Upon seeing the cops Williams said, “I suppose you’re going to ask me to take my hands out of my pockets, huh.” Despite Officer Virgilio’s continuous warnings Williams denied producing an ID. The comedian then turned around and placed his hands on his back on his own. Williams continued to launch verbal attacks at the cops while they searched him, including threatening to sue the police department and end Officer Virgilio’s employment with the City of Seattle.

During the search Williams got aggressive and started resisting prompting Officer Virgilio to take him down to the ground, and subsequently place him at the back of his patrol car.


Williams was booked into the King County jail or several counts of assault, harassment and obstruction. He was released Monday morning after posting a $50,000 bail.

Officer Virgilio is requesting additional charges against the popular comedian, including reckless endangerment.

Whoever said there’s no business like show business knew what he was talking about. Doesn’t matter where popular celebrities are, controversies and scandals have a tendency of finding them. Katt Williams is one such celebrity. He was arrested over 30 times during the past 12 months but avoided spending a night in jail each time. Seems like Katt’s 9 lives ran out this time around.


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